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2011 Schedule

We are looking at April 16th as the date to hold a preseason tournament to get all that road-salt-induced rust off in a competitive environment, playing for a championship and bragging rights, while not risking anything that will define your season so early on. This will be a good opportunity to invite everyone, both in the league and not, over to hang out, get the feel for what our game is all about, play for kicks, experimentation, and the necessary mechanical de-icing we'll all need... Oh yeah, and the prize money! Who knows, maybe some rivalries will spark in games played here and find themselves heating up as the season gets underway.

In addition to the preseason tournament, we'd like to have a "winter meeting" to make sure everyone has a handle on the rules and policies, as many games will likely be self-umped. This will happen on March 26th at Taylor Sportsplex Carl's house (21932 Chipmunk Trail) in Woodhaven and give players, captains especially, the opportunity to acquaint themselves with one another and allow scheduling to get off to a quick, smooth start. After the meeting we'll head somewhere to hang out, bowl maybe, bullshit, have a good time, and get to know each other a little better.

A week later on April 2nd at 3pm we invite all the pitchers and those who'd like to learn something about pitching to Chad's house (address/directions to be given later) for a pitchers and catchers day. We'll set up a bunch of strike zones and let fly, get loose, maybe learn something from each other, and have a lot of fun. Not saying we should all give away our secrets, rather just help some of the newer guys find the zone and get a feel pitching a wiffleball: mechanics, basic pitches, and simple tips. After all, the better your competition is, the better the league is, the better you and your team are. Chad's offered to have a bonfire or some kind of fun afterward to keep the pitcher comradery rolling into the night, as well. So, we hope to see you out for that!

The official start of the season will be April 30th and May 1st. We'd like every team to play a couple games on one of these days to get the ball rolling for everyone equally. We'll probably try to set up something at one of our fields if teams need it, but of course if your home fields are ready, you are welcome and encouraged to use them! There will be 12 weeks for you to get your games played from April 30th through July 17th. The championship playoffs will be held beginning July 23/24 and concluded by August 13/14. The first round of the playoffs will be a best of three, and all games will be held on the same day at a pre-selected field location, either the 23rd or 24th. The second round will be a best of five the following week. Games in the second round may be spread out over the week using, played on the two weekend days, or played all in one day; scheduling is again up to the teams - if home fields are used, then the higher seed will host three games, the lower seed will host two. The WSEM championship series is a best of seven, and scheduling will be handled the same way as in the second round.

On June 18th we will host the WSEM All-star Tournament at Brownstown Middle School. The league players will vote for five all-stars (2 pitchers and 3 fielders) and the team will be selected from those votes; 5 or 6 players will make up the team. The all-star team will be entered into the tournament for free and will try to earn their title against the other teams who enter. League teams will remain mostly intact, but can choose to alter or add to their rosters to take on the all-stars if they choose: more clearly, teams can be made up of whatever players want to play together for this tournament. Non-league teams are also highly encouraged to join. Lots of dynamics at play, three different angles: non-league teams trying to take out league teams, league teams trying to both put down the non-leaguers and take out the all-stars, and the all-stars just fighting off everyone coming after them! There will also be a home run derby with a buy-in and the derby winner taking home the entire prize pool.

March 26: "Winter Meeting"
April: pitchers and catchers, and preseason tournament
May: we play for keeps!