7/8 7/12 7/13 7/13 7/13 7/13 7/13 7/27 7/27 7/27 7/27 7/27 8/2 8/3 8/3 8/9 8/9 8/16 8/23
FS 3|3 FS 0|0 HB 0|2 BW 0|4 EL 1|1 ON 0|0 IS 0|13 EL 1|1 IS 0|0 WW 0|0 ON 3|0 KF 6|3 KF 0|1|0 FS 0 BW 1|2 EL 1|2 R★ 2 BW 0 The
WW 0|0 WA 1|1 KF 1|3 KF 1|10 HB 0|0 WA 3|3 WO 11|8 WA 0|2 WA 3|3 ON 3|3 WW 1|1 WO 0|0 EL 4|0|1 BW 2 WA 0|1 BW 0|0 G★ 0 EL 2 Thrill

WSEM Playoffs: the Semi-finals

(1) Git r' Done 7 vs. (6) Ass Kickers
'11 Series
23-5, 2-04 - 010-18, 2-0
Sun. 7/31-3 PM-Games 1 & 2-Constanti Field- Brownstown, MI
Date TBD-Time TBD-Games 3, 4, 5-Frenchtown Field- Frenchtown, MI

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5
7/31 7/31 8/5 if nec. if nec.
GD 2 GD 7 AK 1 AK AK
AK 0 AK 0 GD 5 GD GD
The Ass Kickers and Git r' Done could not be riding more different emotions into their semi-final series. The Ass Kickers pulled off the lone upset of the 1st round against the Warriors on the road in Farmington, are clicking as a team, and are playing their best Wiffleball of 2011. Git r' Done on the hand nearly got caught looking past the Jason Mattseals in their 1 vs. 8 matchup and narrowly escaped getting shellshocked in the first game, coming back to tie it up on 4 runs in the fifth before winning 5-4 in six innings. The series was much closer than expected even as a sweep (game 2 final: 2-1); will it effect their confidence or serve as a wake up call on the Git r' Done bench going forward?

Center stage is a quite literal interpretation in this series: that circle in the center of the field. Dennis Pearson versus Mike Constanti on the hill. The numbers on the season for the two are virtually a photo finish: Pearson a 1.30 ERA, 1.43 WHIP, and 2.40 K/BB ratio; Mike a 1.54 ERA, 1.48 WHIP, and 2.88 K/BB ratio. A lot of their teams' success comes directly on the shoulders of the two pitchers. However, as the series get longer having a second option and a solid rotation will become much more important. Git r' Done has two other capable pitchers in Dylan and Nick Braden, the latter of whom won both first round games when pressed into service. Brian Constanti of the Ass Kickers has shined in moments of greatness, but has not been able to find any sort of consistency this season.

Offensively, Git r' Done holds the decided advantage. As a team they outhit the Ass Kickers on the season by 89 points, and out-slugged them by nearly 180 points. Git r' Done also put up nearly double the number of HR and R. The one stat where the Ass Kickers outperformed Git r' Done was BB, which may seem trivial, however, patience is one of the most effective weapons against Git r' Done's pitching that is known to be wild at times. Case in point: look no further than last week when the Ass Kickers hit only .118 against the Warriors, but were able to sweep the series by taking walks to the tune of a .375 OBP.

The tenor of this series should make itself known early on. If Git r' Done brings the big bats and puts up the crooked numbers they are capable of, then the Ass Kickers will have a tough time hanging around. However, if the Ass Kickers can hold the Git r' Done offense to a few runs per game, they will have a shot at pulling off a second upset. This semi-final series is set up as the perfect stage to test the truth out in an old baseball cliche; we may just find out whether a walk truly is as good as a hit.

(2) Wiffling DeLoppes 15 vs. (4) Flying Squirrels
'11 Series
22-6, 2-03 - 114-14, 2-0
7/30    -    11 AM    -    The Drey    -    Romulus, MI

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5
7/30 7/30 7/30 7/30 7/30
FS 0 FS 0 WD 0 WD 0 FS 2
WD 1 WD 3 FS 2 FS 1 WD 6
DeLoppes take close series 3-2!
This DeLoppes and Squirrels match-up is really a case of "then, earlier, and now;" a story told in triptych. The two teams have a history of close, low scoring, pitching dominated games prior to the start of Wiffle in Southeast Michigan, in which the Squirrels held the advantage. Then with the 2011 season came the explosion of the Wiffling DeLoppes; gone are their offensive woes, their defense is on another level, and their pitching has been steady atop the league. The DeLoppes quickly turned the tables in the series with the Squirrels, as well as on the rest of the league. That's only the second part of the story, however, as the Squirrels acquired two pitchers during the season, Mike Merlo (Week 4) and Austin Bischoff (Week 10), who look to have again evened the field with the DeLoppes. Bischoff shut down the high powered DeLoppes offense in Week 10, giving the Squirrels an opportunity at a hard fought win again.

The aforementioned DeLoppes offense is definitely the bigger threat. Five out of six bats in their lineup are capable of doing damage at any moment in the game. DeLano, Snow, BJ and Bobby Hoppe are all threats to go deep as well as leg out extra bases; they all also hit .500 or better during their 1st round series. Cliff Comstock brings the ability to leg out singles on balls in front of fielders, or burn them on hits to the wall after drawing them in. Adding to their teams' strength, the DeLoppes easily have the best defense in WSEM to go hand in hand with their top-tier offense. They cover the field well, especially on the fast surface of Frenchtown Field, rarely miss plays that come their way, and have turned more double plays than half of the other teams in the league combined. The accurate pitching of Comstock and Chad Hoppe perfectly compliments by forcing batters to swing at good pitcher's pitches, letting the defense gobble up nearly everything that stays in the park.

The stat to highlight in this series belongs to the pitchers from both teams, and it is an astonishing feat. Both teams have excellent rotations, but just how excellent? The four pitchers (Comstock, C. Hoppe, Bischoff, and Merlo) are the top 4 (with 20+ IP) in WHIP on the season, all have season ERAs below 2, and three of the four put up K/BB ratios greater than 5. As impressive as the whole group is, the Squirrels duo are their teams one advantage over the DeLoppes. Neither Merlo nor Bischoff allowed a run in their first round games. While more impressively, on the season, Bischoff posted an ERA of 0.00, WHIP of 0.75, and an 8.0 K/BB ratio with Merlo close behind at 0.25 ERA, 0.80 WHIP, and 7.0 K/BB ratio (both in 4 games pitched). With the Squirrel pitching versus the DeLoppe defense winning this series will again boil down to who is able string hits together, just like the old days of 2009-10!

WSEM Playoffs: 1st Round

(1) Git r' Done 7 vs. (8) Jason Mattseals
Sun. July 24th | 6 PM | Frenchtown Field | Frenchtown, MI
Season Series: Git r' Done wins 4-0
** Jason Mattseals will be without Jason Hewlett: out for season with shoulder injury.

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
JM 4 GD 2 JM if
GD 5 JM 1 GD nec.
Git r' Done sweep tight series!
(2) Wiffling DeLoppes 15 vs. (7) Campus Commandos
Sat. July 23rd | 3 PM | Frenchtown Field | Frenchtown, MI
Season Series: DeLoppes win 4-0
Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
CC 0 WD 5 CC if
WD 10 CC 3 WD nec.
DeLoppes sweep!!
(3) Westside Warriors 47 vs. (6) Ass Kickers
Thurs. July 21st | 6 PM | Westside Reservation | Farmington, MI
Season Series: Tied 2-2
** Trash talk between the two is heating up. 1) Westside went visual, 2) Ass Kickers took it to the Podcast.
Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
AK 1 WW 1 AK if
WW 0 AK 3 WW nec.
Ass Kickers sweep!!
(4) Flying Squirrels vs. (5) Belgian Wiffles
Sun. July 24th | 1 PM | The Drey | Romulus, MI
Season Series: Squirrels win 3-1
** Belgian will play with 3 players throughout the playoffs: only have 3 eligible players.
** Squirrels may be without captain Carl Coffee for Sunday's series with Belgian.

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
BW 0 FS 4 BW if
FS 1 BW 0 FS nec.
Squirrels sweep!!

Week 12

Westside Reservation Lafayette Park Frenchtown Field
7/11 7/13 7/15 7/17 7/17 7/17
AK 2|2 FS 1|2 AK 9|8 GD 8|4 WD 12|5 WD 0|2
WW 3|1 WW 4|4 CC 0|0 AK 0|0 AK 0|1 GD 1|0
Split 1-1 WW w 2 AK w 2 GD w 2 WD w 2 Split 1-1

Marquee Match-up:
July 17th | TBA | Frenchtown Field
Wiffling DeLoppes vs. Git r' Done

The final day of the season. The top two teams in the league. The pennant at stake! Sure, other important games with a lot riding on them are on the schedule this final week of the season: Ass Kickers and Commandos will likely play for the sixth seed on Friday, and the Warriors and Squirrels come into the week tied and will battle for third on Wednesday. None of those, however, comes anywhere close to being as dramatic or climactic as a head-to-head showdown for the first ever WSEM pennant!

The stakes are obviously high, so let's look at the hands the teams will be playing. At 19-3 Git r' Done comes in with the high card: all they have to do is not blink, actually not blink more than once, and they walk away the with the number one seed. Their loss last Friday to the Commandos makes this finish much tighter, as the two games against the DeLoppes now shape up to mean everything. The DeLoppes at 19-5 cannot count on Git r' Done to lose anymore and need to win out, including most importantly both head-to-head games, in order to secure the number one seed and pennant.

On the field we know the hands these teams play: great pitching and bats that can throw up big numbers. As should be expected in a 1 vs. 2 match up we will see some of the best pitchers in the league; in fact Dennis Pearson and Cliff Comstock are the top two pitchers in the league with over 50 innings pitched. Pearson has both an ERA and WHIP of 1.46, a K/BB ratio of 2.30, and a 12-3 record. Comstock's ERA is right there with Pearson's at 1.50, as is his 11-3 record. Cliff's minuscule WHIP of 1.06 and fantastic 4.79 K/BB ratio, however, differentiate the two pitchers. Of course, there is also the unavoidable huge factor that Pearson does not allow hits; he has surrendered only 14 in 65 innings, compared to Comstock's 41 in 56.2 innings. Two very different yet cripplingly effective styles of attacking opposing lineups.

This match up also features seven of the top ten hitters in WSEM! Four DeLoppes: Joey DeLano, Comstock, Nick Snow, and Bobby Hoppe. Three from Git r' Done: Pearson, Dylan Braden, and Nick Braden. An incredible stat! That, friends, is how you put together 20+ win seasons. If you are not getting excited for how this is going to play out on the 17th, then you must be a prophet, psychic, or time traveler who has already seen the outcome and been WOWed to the point where everything is mundane, now.

DeLano is, by leaps and bounds, the best hitter in the league. With a ridiculous .567 AVG, 1.196 SLG%, 14 HR, 12 DB, 3 3B, 46 RBI, and 47 runs scored he leads every offensive category except for BB. Although looking at those numbers, pitchers might want to consider giving Joey a few more of those, too. I feel bad, because talking about Pearson's numbers, outstanding as they are, after DeLano's makes them seem trite by comparison. I beg you not to look at them that way! Dennis' .398 AVG, .780 SLG%, 12 HR, 9 2B, 44 RBI, and 31 runs scored are amazing numbers put up across the breadth of a season. When you add in Pearson's pitching numbers, these two phenomenal talents are easily the front-runners for 2011 MVP.

As a team the DeLoppes bat 30 points higher than Git r' Done: .385 to .354. They slug 60 points higher, .632 to .572, and have a similar 59 point advantage in OBP: .512 to .453. Git r' Done has more home runs, 27 to 23, but the DeLoppes have 39 more runs scored in just two more games played. It is when you combine the hitting and pitching and get the run differential that you see the truly differentiating stat: DeLoppes are +123, while Git r' Done is just +78.

The Wiffling DeLoppes look to be the better team on paper, but it is never as easy as that. Nick Snow said it best about the 'x-factor' in this series: Pearson is really hard to hit, and if you can't hit how are you going to win? Stats piled up, wild cards thrown in: that is why we play the games, and why these games are going to provide an amazingly dramatic finish to the inaugural WSEM season on the 17th! Could we have asked for a better way to bring this to a close?

Week 11

Lafayette Park The Drey The Drey
7/8 7/9 7/9 7/10 7/10 7/10
GD 2|1 CC 0|0 CC 2 GD 4|4 CC 1|5 CC 6|9
CC 0|2 FS 4|3 BW 3 JM 0|0 GD 3|7 JM 0|0
Split 1-1 FS w 2 BW w 1 GD w 2 GD w 2 CC w 2

Marquee Match-up:
June 9th | 5 PM | The Drey
Campus Commandos @ Flying Squirrels

By a rousing vote of 2 to 1 the Commandos and Squirrels get thrown up on the Marquee. Thanks for all of your excitement and involvement... Sarcasm and disappointment aside, is this really the best match-up in the second to last week of the season? Really? Sure, if the Squirrels take both games they are guaranteed a .500 finish and will likely secure home field in the first round of the playoffs, and the Commandos just need to beat everyone on their schedule that isn't Git r' Done this weekend. Still there isn't much intrigue in these games. Maybe, though, that's just a reflection of the (lack of) excitement the league showed in this little pole. Real talk: the Commandos will be lucky to escape with one win from this weekend's 7 games at the Drey. The field is roughly three times the size they are used to playing on; they'll struggle to cover all the ground, especially as they tire from all the games they are playing.